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Player Information
Your Nickname: Megan
OOC Journal: [personal profile] urbaninja
Under 18? Nope
Characters Played at Singularity: Roxas

Character Information
Name: Agent North Dakota
Name of Canon: Red vs Blue
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference:Red vs Blue on Wikipedia, North on the RvB Wiki, Theta on the RvB
Canon Point: Post 10x19

In the 26th century, Humanity has reached the point of space travel, exploration, and colonization. While truly a pinnacle of human achievements, it is not without its conflicts. Most notably, the outer planets desiring independent rule, resulted in a war breaking out between the Insurrections (who wanted independent rule for the colonies) and the UNSC.

Somewhere in that mess, a collection of Alien races known as the Covenant attacked, glassing planets and generally taking no prisoners and showing no mercy. This began the Human/Covenant war, and many programs were put into place in order to bring about its end. Notably among them, were the Spartans, created by Dr. Halsey. This forms the backstory for the popular video game franchise Halo, which is what Red vs Blue is based on.

However, in that mess, another program was created, Project Freelancer, headed by Dr. Leonard Church. The freelancers were created to be soldiers augmented by AI implantations and armor enhancements rather than the physical augmentations given to the Spartans. The problem was that Project Freelancer was only given the use of one smart AI, known as the Alpha. As an AI cannot be copied, the Alpha was tortured and broken down into fragments, which were then given to the Freelancers. The AI would be used as aids in battle, and run the Freelancer’s armour enhancement. The project was also designed to be fiercely competitive, with a leaderboard constantly present showing who the top nine agents are.

Rather than be involved directly in the war against the Covenant, the Freelancers were instead put against Insurrectionists, who supposedly acted against the UNSC. However, Episode 10x10 suggests that the Insurrectionists are not who they say they are and instead have a different purpose from what we’ve been led to believe. That exact purpose has yet to be expanded upon.

What is known is that Project Freelancer ends disastrously. While AI implantation seemed like a good idea, in more cases it had a negative effect on the soldiers as opposed to a positive one. More than one agent went crazy, or suffered some sort of mental damage as a result of the unstable fragments being directly implanted into their brains. While season 10 has not yet revealed the how and why, many agents eventually went rogue and the project was officially shut down several years later upon the discovery of what had happened to the Alpha.

And somewhere in that mess there exists two bases in a box canyon, with no way in or out, and two teams, one red and one blue. And it’s with those idiots in that canyon that the story actually starts.

The red and blue bases were used as simulation training for the Freelancers, and were staffed by soldiers that ranked the lowest of the low. North never interacted with Red and Blue Teams from Blood Gulch and was ignorant of them and their many adventures.

At first glance, North Dakota can easily be considered a generally nice guy. He’s calm and easy to talk to, unlikely to fly off the rails like his sister, South. It’s easy to see them as polar opposites. Unlike South, who tends to charge in without thinking, North is more inclined to take things easily and rationally. In episode 9x2, he chides South for worrying about the time, rather than the objective of their mission. He focuses on doing things right rather than quickly.

North has been described in canon as having a nurturing nature. He wants to take care of people. This is seen in his relationship with South. He is very patient with her, knowing when to step in and when to keep his distance, and is very determined to protect her and keep her safe, even at the cost to himself. He and South have a very strong bond, able to act as a perfect team when put together on missions, which is often.

He doesn’t mind being treated like a twin, compared to South who desires individual recognition. According the leaderboard, he also ranks higher than South, which causes a strain on their relationship, especially when North receives an AI unit before South.

North’s nurturing personality was specifically why he was chosen to have the Theta AI. Theta displays a childlike personality, and is constantly anxious and North acts a father figure to Theta, encouraging the AI and trying to relieve some of his stress. While this leads to an endearing relationship between the two, it also comes at a cost to North. Theta’s anxiety tends to keep him up at night, and if Theta doesn’t settle then North doesn’t sleep. However, he is reluctant to remove Theta, as that scares the AI even more and so he instead has to remain awake. Theta’s presence has also caused a rift between North and South, as North’s attention is more on Theta rather than South.

This nurturing aspect of North should not hide the fact that he is a trained soldier, and not afraid of going into battle, violence, or killing.

He is also seen getting along with the other Freelancers, specifically Washington and York, and the three of them form something of a trio, even if North can’t really comprehend why they are friends.

Theta: Theta represents the Alpha’s trust, and is very childlike in nature. When he is first introduced, he is seen hiding behind North’s leg, unwilling to come out and meet Washington and York. He only does so with encouragement. Later, North remarks that Theta is constantly anxious and worried that something bad will happen.

Theta’s childishness is also seen in the holographic images he creates. During a class on AI theory, Theta is seen fiddling around with a skateboard, as opposed to listening to the lecture. He also takes the time to create fireworks shows for North, wanting his approval. He is very attached to North, unwilling to shut down when North wants to talk to the other agents, and not wanting to be apart for long, leading to North being unable and unwilling to remove him. He is also not sure how to react to South’s animosity towards him, preferring to let North handle it. Since Theta is trust, it can be implied that North is the person he trusts implicitly to look after and protect him. This trust eventually extends to other agents, such as Texas, whom Theta admits he likes.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:
North’s abilities really just extend to his armour, which includes motion trackers, thermals, and a voice modifier/enhancer. His armour is also equipped with the ability to create a domed energy shield, which is controlled by Theta.

While the armour takes the appearance of the Mjolnir Armour the Spartans use, it appears to be a modified version, which canon does not go into detail on.

*Armour including domed shield enhancement
*Sniper Rifle
North in armour
North without helmet
Mid/Late-twenties? (Canon doesn’t specify, and I headcanon North and South to be the youngest freelancers)

Log Sample:
North hadn't expected the junk yard.

He'd expected junk certainly. The Mother of Invention crashing had done a good job of interrupting his and South's sibling argument, throwing them both against a wall along with everything else in the room. North was pretty sure that he'd lost consciousness. At least, he didn't really remember how he'd gotten here.

"Theta, any idea where we are?" He asked, standing up and looking around. It was definitely not the Mother of Invention, and South was no where to be seen either. "Also, run a check for South."

There was a silence and then Theta appeared in a spray of holographic fireworks.

"I did both. There's no sign of South and I don't know where this is."

"I figured. Well, I guess we better find out where we are and fast. I can't imagine things are that great back home." He took a moment to brush himself off, before fishing his sniper rifle out of a pile of junk. At the very least, it looked intact. He gave another scan, but it looked like the other one he'd been using hadn't followed him here. One was enough.

"North, I think the exit's over there," Theta said, pointing. "We might be able to get some help, or at least get someone to tell us where we are."

North nodded.

"Right, that's a good idea. But stay on guard, Theta. I have a bit of a bad feeling about this place."

Network Sample:
[North’s been fiddling with wearable for a bit now, and come across a few names that look surprisingly familiar. Which is weird, since he’s pretty sure he saw most of them not that long ago.]

North, it’s on!

[Oh, so that button activates video. Great, now we’re talking. The video now shows a figure in violet mjolnir amour on the screen, with a red and blue hologram hovering nearby.]

Would someone mind giving me some additional information about this place. I can’t say the intro I got was that informative.

Also, if there’s anyone from Project Freelancer here, do you mind giving me an update? Is everyone alright?


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