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Revenance Application

[OOC Information]

Name: Megan

Age: 22

AIM/Plurk/Dreamwidth/Email: Urbaninja at plurk/DW,

What characters do you already play here, if any? None

How did you hear about the game? Ad on rpanons

[IC Information]

Character Name: North Dakota (Real Name Unknown)/Theta

Series: Red vs Blue

Gender: Male/Male

Age: Mid/Late-Twenties? (Actual age unspecified, but I peg him and South as being the youngest freelancers)/A few months?

Species: Human/AI


North – Most notably, North is tall. Canon doesn’t specify how tall, but he is easily the second tallest freelancer next to Maine. He’s of average weight, and very fit due to being a soldier. He is caucasion (assumed, canon hasn’t said otherwise), has short blond hair and blue eyes, with a typical handsome face. He is mostly seen wearing his armour, which is Mjolnir Mark VI style armour, in a dark purple with green trim. He has been seen wearing regular clothes out of armour, mostly sweatpants and t-shirts, which can also be assumed to be sleep wear.

Theta – Theta’s holographic projection takes the form of a soldier wearing the Mjolnir Mark VI armour as well. It is a mixture of red and blue.


At first glance, North Dakota can easily be considered a generally nice guy. He’s calm and easy to talk to, unlikely to fly off the rails like his sister, South Dakota. It’s easy to see them as polar opposites. Unlike South, who tends to charge in without thinking, North is more inclined to take things easily and rationally. In episode 9x2, he chides South for worrying about the time, rather than the objective of their mission. He focuses on doing things right rather than quickly.

North has been described in canon as having a nurturing nature. He wants to take care of people. This is seen in his relationship with South. He is very patient with her, knowing when to step in and when to keep his distance, and is very determined to protect her and keep her safe, even at the cost to himself. He and South have a very strong bond, able to act as a perfect team when put together on missions, which is often.

He doesn’t mind being treated like a twin, compared to South who desires individual recognition. According the leaderboard, he also ranks higher than South, which causes a strain on their relationship, especially when North receives an AI unit before South.

North’s nurturing personality was specifically why he was chosen to have Theta. Theta, as Alpha’s empathy, displays a childlike personality, and is constantly anxious. North acts a father figure to Theta, encouraging the AI and trying to relieve some of his stress. While this leads to an endearing relationship between the two, it also comes at a cost to North. Theta’s anxiety tends to keep him up at night, and if Theta doesn’t settle then North doesn’t sleep. However, he is reluctant to remove Theta, as that scares the AI even more and so he instead has to remain awake. Theta’s presence has also caused a rift between North and South, as North’s attention is more on Theta rather than South.

This nurturing aspect of North should not hide the fact that he is a trained soldier, and not afraid of going into battle, violence, or killing.

He is also seen getting along with the other Freelancers, specifically Washington and York, and the three of them form something of a trio, even if North can’t really comprehend why they are friends. He is the rational one, often proving the straight man to Washington or York. He’s also seen correcting York’s word choices, suggesting he’s a bit more eloquent than his fellow freelancers.

Theta: As mentioned before, Theta is the fragment that represents the Alpha’s empathy, and is very childlike in nature. When he is first introduced, he is seen hiding behind North’s leg, unwilling to come out and meet Washington and York. He only does so with encouragement. Later, North remarks that Theta is constantly anxious and worried that something bad will happen.

Theta’s childishness is also seen in the holographic images he creates. During a class on AI theory, Theta is seen fiddling around with a skateboard, as opposed to listening to the lecture. He also takes the time to create fireworks shows for North, wanting his approval. He is very attached to North, unwilling to shut down when North wants to talk to the other agents, and not wanting to be apart, leading to North being unable to remove him. He is also not sure how to react to South’s animosity towards him, preferring to let North handle it.


North by himself has no special abilities, aside from his skill with a gun and being a good soldier (He is ranked 5th among the Freelancers circa season 10). With Theta, his abilities are augmented and his armour contains an enhancement allowing him to create a domed energy shield. Theta is largely in charge of controlling that, and without Theta, North runs the risk of killing himself.


North with will have his armour and sniper rifle, and Theta.


North’s history prior to joining Project Freelancer isn’t known (and neither is his name), and as such the app contains a small bit of headcanon in that regard. It should also be noted that the app will go through North’s involvement in canon chronologically, describing events from the flashbacks in seasons 9 and 10 to his first appearance in the Recovery One miniseries, which occurred between seasons 5 and 6. As well, this history focuses on North, and I’ve done my best to summarize his involvement in the show, though it is limited in some places.

It can be assumed from things said in canon that he and his twin sister had a fairly normal childhood. They were looked after by their dad, and presumably their mom, often going on family vacations and having an otherwise decent life.

At some point in their youth the Human/Covenant war, detailed in the Halo video game series broke out, and both North and South joined the UNSC Military. At some point after that they were chosen for Project Freelancer, one of the projects created to bring about a swift end to the war. (It should be noted that this is about as compliant with Halo canon as Red vs Blue gets)

It is at that point that North and South officially receive those designations and begin working for Project Freelancer. The project was highly competitive in nature, with agents being ranked based on their performance on missions, and those scores being displayed on a leaderboard. At the start of season 9, North is ranked 5th, just behind South who is ranked 4th.

North and South are first seen infiltrating a cryogenics facility in order to recover some data. While South is successful in getting the data, she manages to draw attention to them, making their exit a little more difficult and action packed. The action sequence, if nothing else, serves to show just how well the twins work as a team. They make it to a helipad and are expecting extraction, but instead find a crowd of enemies, and have to be rescued by the number one agent, Carolina. North is shot by one of the soldiers after he shoves South, but with Carolina’s help they are able to escape.

But only for so long. As they leave the facility, they are chased by two longsword ships, which catch up to them just as the reach the rendezvous point with the Freelancer base, the Mother of Invention. North, having regained consciousness, climbs on top of the Pelican, and activates his domed energy shield, protecting the pelican from some missiles. A very dangerous act, since the equipment is meant to be run by an AI that he doesn’t have yet.

After the pelican lands, North, South, and Carolina are debriefed by the Director about their mission. North and South’s places on the board are switched, with North now claiming the number four spot. This enrages South, and she leaves. Carolina offers to talk to her, but North says that it would be better to let her calm down first and it’s implied that he will talk to her later.

North is next seen talking briefly with Washington in the hallway. Wash asks about North using his equipment in the field, and North inquires about Wash’s meeting with Internals. Wash does not get a chance to explain himself as they encounter some grunts running towards the training room. Hearing that York, Wyoming, and Maine are going to face against a new recruit, North and Wash head to the viewing room to watch what is ultimately a curbstomp battle between the three freelancers mentioned and newcomer Agent Texas. Texas wins and North is visibly impressed.

The next big event in season 9 is a heist that the Freelancers are going to make on the Insurrectionists, rebels fighting against the UNSC. The objective is to reclaim an object known as the Sarcophagus. North is put in charge of Team B, consisting of him, Wyoming, and Connecticut, and given the mission of getting the keys that will open the Sarcophagus. Team B ultimately fails in their objective, being attacked by both Insurrectionist and the local law enforcement, and Wyoming being wounded in the fight, all of which takes place off screen. North instructs Carolina to finish their mission. He is next seen in the pelican that will take them back to base.

Following the mission, North and York talk as they get out of their armour, both expressing some concern over the mission, and how it turned into almost a disaster. North is left with wondering whether or not they are truly the good guys and if they’re really doing the right thing.

Season 10 opens with a bang. The Freelancers have caught up to the Insurrectionists and have launched an attack, hoping to take down the leader. North joins a team with Carolina, South, Washington, CT, and York in order to take them down, and usually assists in a support role, rather than taking center stage. It is during this arc that CT is discovered to be a traitor, leaving with the insurrectionist. The mission ends in a failure.

After the mission, however, North is implanted with Theta, and we learn that he was chosen to be Theta’s partner because of his nurturing nature. This also displays the start of the tension between North and South’s relationship, as she can only sigh and roll her eyes at the sight of Theta. North and Theta enter the training room where they prove to be an effective team, with Theta controlling the shield with ease. Later, North and Theta are seen in the AI theory class as well.

The next mission is to recover CT, or at least her armour and the information she stole from Project Freelancer. Just prior to its start, North and York talk about their AIs with Washington, and York reveals his concern over this mysterious Alpha that is constantly on their AIs minds. While they know that the Alpha is the AI fragment’s creator, exactly how is unknown and that creates a sense of uneasiness.

North again takes a support role on the mission, assisting in combat but not taking center stage. The fight does emphasize North and Theta working as a team, however, with Theta guiding a hail mary in order to trap some of the Insurrectionists. However, he is not involved with the bulk of the fight and seen again only at the end watching an escape pod take off.

After the mission, North and York talk again about the AI, while watching Carolina train. They talk about the AIs’ uneasiness and how it’s affecting them, especially with North unable to sleep because of Theta’s anxiety as well as his reluctance to pull Theta and allow himself a chance to rest.

North is next seen trying to calm South down after the Freelancers learn that Carolina is getting two AI, having demanded them from the Director and taking South and Washington’s places. South is understandably angry that Carolina is taking her AI away, and getting two. After a standoff with Texas, South leaves with North on her heels.

North is seen watching the inevitable confrontation between Tex and Carolina. As the fight is beginning, the Director enters the room, and reacts to Tex being in the fight, calling out “Allison!” This causes a chain reaction with the AI, who begin to react to that, causing severe mental strain on the Freelancers. Though they manage to recover, there is a great deal of confusion. It is from this point that I am taking North from.

While the season is still ongoing, and exact events of how everything goes down are yet to be seen, prior seasons have given enough information to get an idea of how the rest of the season will play out and from there, I can estimate North’s involvement.

It is known that the Freelancers eventually find out how the fragments are being created. The Director is torturing the Alpha AI, and reverse engineering a split personality, harvesting the fragments that break off. Led by Texas, the Freelancers lead a break in to their Command in order to rescue the Alpha. It is implied they were unsuccessful. At the same time, the AI start to fall apart, most notably Agent Washington’s AI, Epsilon who represents the Alpha’s memory, commits suicide in Washington’s head. This causes the program to be shut down, and for many freelancers, including Texas and York, to go awol. As well, Sigma, Maine’s AI and the Alpha’s creativity, eventually takes over Maine, and begins to collect the other AI fragments, under the belief that with them he can become the new Alpha and achieve Metastability, in which an AI can be considered human.

It can be assumed that North is involved in the break-in somehow. After the project fails, he and South stay on, presumably both becoming Recovery Agents, who go out into the field and deal with fallen freelancers. They have a run in with Maine, now the Meta, and North is killed, and Theta taken by Maine. When Agent Washington finds them in the Recovery One miniseries, we are given North’s first appearance in the series, as a corpse.

First-Person Communicator Sample:

[Needless to say, North’s pretty confused about what just happened here. He’d been in the Mother of Invention, taking some time to himself after everything that just happened. And then he’d turned the corner that usually led to the common room but turned out to be a street he’d never seen before.

The introduction had been rushed, and North could barely follow it and before he knew it, he was staring at a purple spikey cat and holding a communicator.]

Hi there.

If anyone’s out there, I’m, uh, new here.

Would someone mind giving me a few more answers. I didn’t quite get the whole introduction.

[There’s a quick flash and a red and blue hologram is floating beside him]

Are you sure this is a good idea, North?

We don’t really have much choice, Theta. I’m sure there’s someone here who can help us out. Right?

Third-Person RP Sample:

North was exhausted. He had never felt anything like that in his life. Someone else’s fear pulsing through his mind and body, and all at the drop of one word. It still didn’t make sense, and while he wanted to talk about it, see if anyone else had come up with an answer, he had the feeling that getting Theta away from the other AI for a while would probably be a good thing. He could check on everyone else later.

Later, however, was turning into much later. He’d been on his way to his bunk or the common room, somewhere where he could lie down for a bit and work on calming Theta down, and then turned a corner to find himself on an unfamiliar street. This wasn’t the Mother of Invention anymore, and North was wondering now if he was hallucinating or something. Yes he was tired and his brain was still ringing from the training room, but he didn’t think the side effects would be this bad. This was certainly something he hadn’t been warned about.

“Theta, where are we?” North asked, tentatively.

“I don’t know. This place doesn’t look familiar. I don’t think we’re home anymore though,” the Ai replied, his voice still unsteady. “North, what happened?”

“I don’t know, Theta. I don’t know.” He opened a radio channel, hoping to make contact, but he only heard static so that was a lost cause. He needed to sit down and sort everything out. “Are you sure you don’t have anything in your memory banks?”

“Not really. Just that we were walking down the hall, and then we were here.”

“And nothing inbetween?” Under his helmet, North had a concerned look on his face. That honestly made no sense. Theta shook his head. “Theta, this doesn’t have anything to do with Allison, does it?”

“No. I don’t think it does.”

“Who is Allison anyway?”

At that Theta was quiet, and seemed reluctant to continue the conversation, so North let it go. He didn’t really want to prod Theta too much. They walked in silence for a bit, looking for anything that would give them an indication of where they were, and how they could get back.

“North, there’s a restaurant over there, if you wanted to rest,” Theta said, quietly.

“Thanks Theta. Let’s go sit down, and maybe we could sort this whole thing out.”

What’s the mod’s favorite Dream Eater? Pricklemane

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