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CR Chart

» Allen Walker
A boy North has talked to. He's intrigued by his strange powers and the fact that he seems to know more than he lets on. (Has since been dropped)

» Dr. Gordon Freeman
North has a lot of respect for Dr. Freeman and sees him as a friend. He has a feeling he might be able to go to him if something were to happen to his armour. (Has since been dropped)

» John Laurens
A friend. North is curious about his knowledge of politics, and wants to get to know him better. (Has since been dropped)

» Natsume Takashi
Natsume Yuujinchou
A boy that North talks to and worries about, especially since the questions he asks are situations he can relate to. He feels for the kid and has offered to be a listening ear when needed. (Has since been dropped) Natsume has returned and seems to be in better spirits than before. North is glad for the change.

» Poe Dameron
Star Wars
A friend. North is really fond of Poe and likes hanging out with him, especially in discovering new games. North finds him reliable and has become a bit more comfortable opening up to him. (Has since been dropped)

» The Spine
Steam Powered Giraffe
A friend. North is fond of the Spine, and likes hearing about his world, as strange as it is. It doesn't bother him that the Spine is a robot. (Has since been dropped)

» Emil Castagnier
Tales of Symphonia
North's roommate. North is extremely grateful to Emil for bringing him into his house. He's fond of Emil, and likes to keep an eye out for him. He wants to get to know him better.

» Presa
Tales of Xillia
A friend and drinking buddy. They've found some similarities (some better than others) and North enjoys her company.

» Sonia Nevermind
Dangan Ronpa 2
A friend, and someone how has managed to activate North's big brother mode. He'd determined to keep an eye on her, at least to make sure she's taking care of herself. (Has since been dropped)
Sonia has returned to the island. While she does not remember her previous visit, she and North are determined to continue their friendship.
formerly properprincess

» Sha Gojyo
After a chance conversation over the network and a decision to go bear hunting, North figures he's found a new friend and drinking buddy. He looks forward to getting to know Gojyo.

» Reaper
A fellow solider who's gone through experiences that North can somewhat relate to. While North is curious about him, he's also got Repear on his worry list.

» Nora Valkyrie
She might be small but she's got a lot of energy. North has decided to keep an eye on Nora and her friends, though with what he's learned, he figures she can take care of herself.

» Leia Organa
Star Wars
Another person that North relates to, if only because they've both known war. He looks forward to getting to know her beyond that, especially since she reminds him of Carolina

» Alvin vint Svent
Tales of Xillia/2
Presa's husband. The two of them get along pretty well.

» Rin Matsuoka
A kid that North has talked to a few times, as well as shared some of his past with. And might just end up adopting.

» Ana Amari
They've talked a few times but North is grateful for her company. He'd like to get to know her better.

» Agent Washington
Red vs Blue
One of North's friends from his Project Freelancer days. While Wash might be from further down the timeline, North is still glad to see him and it's nice to know someone who has your back.

» Bodhi Rook
Star Wars
A rather soft-spoken pilot but they've managed to find a few things in common. North likes hanging out with him.

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