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Permissions Post

 Red vs. Blue is a canon that likes to lean on the 4th Wall on a fairly regular basis, and does contain shoutouts to popular movies, music, and video games in the context that the characters have watched, listened to, and played these canons. 

While it's more likely going to be the Reds and Blues who do this, I figure that it makes sense that North would have similar knowledge, even if in the show itself the Freelancers don't lean on the fourth wall as much.

So, just let me know if it's okay for me to 4th wall your character, and if you are comfortable with it, how far I should go (ie: whole nine yards, can talk about x but not y, etc.). 

Obviously, I won't tackle major spoiler stuff or things that could be potentially derailing.
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You're okay to fourthwall Gordon! o/ He'd be confused for sure, but he can't do any damage since he's post-games. I imagine the worst he could do is reference the utter lack of ending to the series, and even that would be kind of funny if played off the right way.
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Knowing about pokémon is fine and referencing them as video games is also fine, though Red obviously won't believe that he's from a video game/cartoon/etc etc.

He has already been very spoiled on the fact there is more than 151 pokémon out there, the most biggest of spoilers.
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Um, so, Padmé has no idea about the holovids (movies) about her life and the lives of her friends and family. She might be convinced that they were made long after she died, but it won't sit well for her. So, if he could maybe not mention the entire phenomenon behind the franchise, she could take the whole "Oh, yeah, there are movies about that stuff."
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You can go ahead and fourth wall at Poe. Just don't go too crazy, stay middle ranged. If there is a gray area, we can discuss it or you can ask before it happens. He knows about Leia, Han, Vader, and Luke. So referencing anything from the older movies (episode IV, V and VI) would strike up a conversation and he wouldn't understand why North would know any of that. There will be questioning but North doesn't have to answer any of Poe's questions. He does not need to know what fourthwalling is.
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So El Shaddai is kind of on the obscure side, so idk if North would have any knowledge of it at all. But anything is fine with me, his deuteragonist fourthwalls all the time (just not at him, except once when it wouldn't ruin the scene's emotional weight).

Hell, you could even do the derailing/major spoilers bit if North would know them, I love those (not that anyone returns home with memories atm anyway so at this point in time it doesn't matter).

Basically you have my full permission for anything, if that's...worth anything because nnnot very popular thing. I mean it spawned a mini-meme in Japan that's still going on sorta? I can elaborate if you need to!