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Player: Megan
Contact: [plurk.com profile] urbaninja
Age: 26
Current Characters: Roxas


Character: Agent North Dakota
(Note: This is a code name and his actual name has not been revealed. I’ve headcanoned the name Nathan Reilley as a result, but he often answers to North as well)
Age: Early 30s~. Again, canon does not provide actual information.
Canon: Red vs. Blue
Canon Point: Post-death (Recovery One Miniseries)

North on the RvB Wiki
Please note: Red vs. Blue does draw from the Halo video game franchise, in the sense that the events that happen in Halo are canon to RvB (though not the opposite). However, one does not need knowledge of the Halo games to understand RvB.

Despite being a character who is literally introduced to canon as a corpse, and has a limited amount of screen time in the two seasons that cover the period where he was alive, Agent North Dakota has managed to leave a last impression as the kind of character who is calm, patient, and just generally a good guy. The kind of guy that you might want as a big brother.

One of the key words used to canon to describe North is nurturing and that is a very good word for him. He's the caretaker of the freelancers, generally the one to check on people and make sure they're alright. Most of his attention is focused on his younger twin sister, Agent South Dakota, who he is very close to. The two of them are seen regularly working together as a team, often putting themselves in harms way to look after the other. South is very much a loose canon compared to North, and so he is the one that often reigns her back in. The two of them have a very strong bond and work well together, though North is also see as a team player regardless. This nurturing aspect makes him a prime candidate for the AI Theta, with whom he is partnered. As a more childlike AI, Theta was very shy and it was hoped that North would be able to bring the AI out of his shell and unlock his potential.

At the same time, North isn't afraid to have a little fun, and is seen to have a good relationship with Agent York and Agent Washington, though he and former were known to tease the latter. (In the recent book published by Roosterteeth, it was revealed that North and York would often provide Wash with conflicting directions to the mythical sauna on board the Mother of Invention). He also has a sarcastic streak to him, snarking during battle and wondering aloud as to why he is friends with Wash and York.

There are times, however, when his nurturing and caring nature become too much, and can shift into being condescending and overbearing. This is particularly evident in his relationship with South, as he tries to step in and control, for lack of a better term, her more abrasive actions, typically by talking to her and acting as if he knows best. He also takes his responsibilities very seriously and to the point of self-harm, as he is reluctant to pull Theta out of his head in order to get some sleep, as the AI is too scared to be away from North, leaving him to wander the halls to calm the AI down.

He does also have doubts and worries, particularly in whether or not he's doing the right thing. Eventually this leads him to acting against the Project, and his sister, by supporting Agent Texas with her break-in to rescue the Alpha AI. Despite this, he does remain with the Project following that event, and to the point where he is killed.

As North will be coming into the game without Theta, this will have an effect on his well-being. While canon does not go into detail about what happens when an AI is removed from their host (the most we get is that they are different), I have headcanoned a few traits. Internally, the agent registers a noticeable silence and absence where the AI used to be, and it can lead to a desire to not wanting to be alone as a way of avoiding it. They may also appear melancholy, missing the presence of the friend who was once a constant companion.

Ultimately, while he can be over-bearing, North is the kind of character who cares about his friends and doing the right thing. Befriend him, and you'll have someone who will watch your back.

North has no particularly special abilities, outside of being a good solider. He was ranked 5th of the Freelancers for most of seasons 9 and 10. He is a skilled sniper and fighter. His armour, while based on the Mjolnir armour that the Spartans wear, is not so intensive and does provide extra protection as well as places to store ammunition.

While he does have the ability to created a domed-energy shield, he will be unwilling to use it as it is dangerous to run the equipment without the help of an AI.

Alignment: Peromei.
North spends a lot of time in the series between hope and despair. Hoping that he’s doing the right thing while despairing or fearing that he’s not, and it’s easy for him to slide between the two.



Test Drive Meme Thread

He arrives in Empathieas screaming.

The last thing he remembers is fighting Maine, losing to Maine, Theta being ripped from his head (he was terrified, he didn’t want to go, North didn’t want to let him go), and then hitting the ground and after that it’s all a blur until he suddenly comes to in a place that is very much not where he was before.

He manages to get ahold of himself and stop screaming, long enough to take stock of himself and for the winds that were rushing around him to slowly return from gusts to gentle breezes. He yanks off his helmet, breathing deeply and looking around utterly confused. How could he be in a town when the last place he remembers being is an old base somewhere? Could this be the afterlife? Because he's fairly certain he's died.

Although that also doesn't make any sense, since he doubts his armor would have made the trip with him.

"South?" he calls out, tentatively. "Theta?"

There's no response and he's suddenly cautious because of how quiet it all is. He gives his head a shake, and stands, picking up the helmet. He doesn't like any of this, and it causes the winds to start rushing a little faster. But at the same time, he can't lose himself again, that's not going to help. If he's somehow in a new location, South has to be around here somewhere (hopefully with Theta, and without Maine). And if it's the afterlife, well, there's going to be someone who can fill him in.

Either way, standing around wasn't going help anyone, least of all him. So he was lost, alone, and completely confused. There had been worse situations, right? Decision made, North placed his helmet back on his head, and headed off down the street.

He didn't look down, but if he had, he might have noticed the small flowers growing around his feet.



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